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iPhone 5 with 5 MP Camera from Sony?

It is still a question if the iPhone 5 comes with an 8 MP camera. According to reports, Howard Stringer, Sony CEO disclosed some details on the matter during an interview with Wall Street Journal.

Both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS are equipped with the 5 MP camera as well as 3.2 MP camera respectively. Both cameras were supplied by OmniVision. It was revealed by Electronista back in February that Sony could start providing the camera for the smartphone of Apple replacing Omni Vision. Sony is able to build an 8 MP sensor for the handset. It turned out that OmniVison may fail to produce the camera in time for the roll-out of the iPhone 5, for that reason Sony may take over for OmniVision.

The report was additionally fueled by the statements of Stringer. Moreover, it was revealed that 15 factories of Sony were damaged after the earthquake in Japan. A camera sensor plant was among the damaged ones, for that reason some part shipments were delayed for the iPhone 5.

A lot of rumors are floating around the next-generation iPhone. The most recent repots suggest that the handset will be enabled with an edge-to-edge screen. It is also claimed that the mobile device will have a different back and the antenna will be removed from the external frame.



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