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5 World Record On William-Kate Marriage

Marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to be witnessed 1 billion people around the world.

Church Westminster Abbey on April 29, this must be seen more stately and sparkling. It was not caused by the most talked about wedding of the century, the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The media was already speculating about the details of this wedding ceremony. In fact, the Guinness World Records were already predicting that this couple will break several world records for category wedding. You want to know what they estimate?, here they are...

1. Most TV viewers.
Approximately 750 million people in 74 different countries expected to watch the lavish wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981. With growing media, and society's obsession about celebrity weddings, wedding obviously Prince William and Kate Middleton will be witnessed by more people. An estimated 1 billion people will memancang television channel to the news of this marriage.

2. The pair most wanted.
In the Internet era, like today, anything can be found by googling it to the desired information. The fans of this pair will easily find the latest information about various matters related to the celebrity wedding. Currently, the couple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom the first rank of the most searched celebrity wedding. Kate and William, who is known around the world will surely beat the record of this Khloe.

3. Largest wedding cake.

With the number of invitations that so much, William and Kate wedding cake would require a much larger and luxurious. Guinness World Record for the largest wedding cake is now weighing 6.8 tons! This cake was made by the chef at the Mohegan Sun, Connecticut, not to the marriage of the royal family, but for a wedding exhibition in 2004.

4. Most expensive piece of wedding cake.
Piece of wedding cake Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1937 successfully sold at auction house Sotheby's in 1998 with the price of 29,900 U.S. dollars. Although the wedding fruit and Kate cakeWilliam terraced (cake will be prepared by the designer, Fiona Cairns) are not likely to be sold through eBay, if it wished, then the price per piece is definitely very expensive.

5. The longest most luxurious gown or veil?
Many people who speculate about her choice of designers, and style as what is desired by the women's 29 this year. However, no one knows exactly what the wedding dress her because until now the dress has become the most suppressed by the kingdom. In addition, there is no dress that broke the record as a whole.

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Avoiding Visual Rape

When you go into public toilets, hotel rooms, fitting rooms, restaurants, salons, spas, etc., most of you believe that the mirror that hangs on the wall looks like a regular mirror ... But really what it is really a mirror Ordinary, or the mirror 2 DIRECTIONS (the man behind the mirror that can see you, and you can not see them), like a mirror at the police station interrogation room that we often see in movies.

Many fraudulent cases in which people put a mirror 2 WAY in women's clothes in the locker room or in a ladies room, this sometimes caused rogue elements in there without the knowledge of the owner of the store / restaurant / hotel / salon / spa.

It is difficult to identify the surface just by looking at it. How to determine with certainty whether the mirror is a mirror or mirror 2 WAY ORDINARY ..?

DO SIMPLE TEST or TEST FINGER NAIL ... The trick, place the tip of your fingernail over the surface of the mirror:

- ► If NO distance (gap) between the nail and nail your shadow in the mirror ... could be said it is a mirror ORDINARY ... Safe!

- ► If NO distance (gap), which means that your nail polish directly touch your shadow in the mirror ... it is a mirror 2 WAY ... Leave the room!

This simple but effective way, you can save yourself, your daughter, your lady friend from the "visual rape".

Many women do not realize has become a victim, remember the case a few years ago a group of artists recorded their activities in a photo studio toilet.

Always Remember ... every time you see a mirror in a public place last ... FINGER NAIL do TEST ...!!!

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Intel Sandy Bridge-E

Although Intel's Sandy Bridge-E will attend the next few months, but details on these processors show continues and the latest information tells us that this CPU can reach speeds of 3.9 GHz when the Turbo Boost feature is activated. Sandy Bridge processor-E targeting enthusiast users who want the best performance of the system and will replace the 900 series CPUs from Core i7. Intel will launch three models of Sandy Bridge-E, the first model with 6-core Extreme Edition, 5MB of Level 3 cache and 3.3GHz stock frequency. The second model fixed with 6 cores but with 12MB L3 cache and only 3.2 GHz base clock, which last only 4 core processors with 10MB L3 cache and clock speed of 3.6 Ghz.

Turbo Talk, Extreme Edition CPU model and model quad core 3.9 Ghz to 3.2 Ghz chip, while TIPA 6 cores only reach 3.8 Ghz on Turbo mode. Sandy Bridge processor-E uses a socket LGA 2011 and a new chipset named X79.

This new technology will bring to 10 SATA 6Gbps support, dual x16 PCI Express for graphics cards, or quad x8 graphics card.

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Make Your Blog Famous

After reading the blog, articles, and finally conclude
obtained how our blogs to be famous throughout the world.The Answer is to register your blog / website on search engines (search engines), currently the most popular search engine is
google, yahoo, but still there are also other search engines, which are used by Internet users worldwide to search for blogs / websites that required
for their purposes other than google or yahoo is Msn.

Although not sound familiar Bing in our ears, it helps us to register our blog on this search engine.
Below are the steps to register our blog on search engines, Good luck:

Register your blog on Google

Visit www.google.com/addurl
Fill the form :
1.Fill your blog address in url box
2.Comment content with keywords in your blog
3.Optional, fill fit written text.

Register on yahoo

Visit https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/
Fill the form :
1.Fill your blog address in url box
2.Fill your feedburner blog address

Register on Bing
Visit http://www.bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx
Fill the form:
1.Fill the text appropriate Picture
2.Fill your blog address
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10 Tips to protect your PayPal account

Currently, PayPal has become the number 1 choice for online transactions in various parts of the world. PayPal can be used to receive payment or received the money. However, as many users and growing popularity of PayPal has made some people want to look for opportunities to enter the PayPal others for their own purposes. Of course this is hurting us as users, because in the accounts of our financial information such as there are credit cards or bank.

"Crime happens not because the intention of the perpetrators, but also because there is a chance. Beware beware .. "so said the inmates bang:) crime can happen anywhere, as well as PayPal. No system is perfect and do not trust 100% in a single system. There is no one perfect system with no defects.

Here are some tips to protect your PayPal account. I can not guarantee 100% that PayPal you will be safe. But at least there are preventative measures for our PayPal secure from the parties who are not responsible.

Here are tips Protect Your PayPal Account:

* Make sure each time you access your PayPal accountChange your PayPal password regularly, eg every 1 month. Be careful to avoid using easily guessed passwords, such as date of birth, first name, and so forth.

* Each received an email from PayPal, check first and make sure the sender header link to www.paypal.com

* Make sure you update your antivirus software, anti spyware, etc. to avoid keyloggers, spyware and other malicious programs.

* Do not access PayPal from the cafe, because it is probable that your account is affected by limited access. PayPal is very tight to the problem of IP address, normally a cafe using 1 IP address used by many users simultaneously.

* PayPal never send an email to ask for passwords or other personal information. When you receive an email from PayPal, make sure you check the email headers, to see the original source of the email.

* Emails from PayPal there is always a first name and last name or business name of your PayPal account. Fake emails often contain only Dear PayPal User or Dear PayPal Member.

* Email PayPal will never ask you to download an attachment or a software program. Attachments that come from fake emails often contain viruses.

* Often, fraudulent emails will request details such as full name, account passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, PIN numbers.

* If you feel you receive a fraudulent email (or fake website), please forward an email (or URL address) to spoof@paypal.com e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and then delete the email from your mailbox. Do not ever hit a link in an email is suspicious.
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Announcement !

Invitations for the Blogger or friends who want to distribute the hobby of writing to develop creativity and are confused about where to publish (all written exercises, before it is sent to the appropriate professional), which is important for free. Opened the opportunity to become authors of this blog, the content may post any kind of home does not contain a political issue, sara, social, and pornography. For those interested are expected to have a Gmail account and send your email address to Chat box.
Include also the theme of the posts to be written. Whenever there is an opportunity like this anymore. It takes 20 people blogger / writer, this is only for serious. Awaited reportedly see ya! ^_^
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Wrong Things in choosing PSU

1.PSU that have great power is always better than a smaller power PSU
Not really, because the size of watts can not be used as a benchmark in choosing a PSU. Note also the ripple PSU that its useless to have a great but fluctuating volt very high. In fact it will damage other hardware components such as hard drives. also note that efficiency can be produced PSU continuesly.

2.Multiple Rail PSU is better
Under certain circumstances multiple Rail can actually make things worse. As explained previously that multiple rails are split rail into several parts. What matters if the rail that is used has a small amperage thus produced less wattage. Examples of such total +12 v 35A +12 V1 25A is divided into and +12 V2 10A +12 V2 rail if used for a VGA connector that requires more than 120W great power it will affect the performance of the VGA. So keep in mind how great rail or not produced enough to meet the needs of the component.

3.Active PFC Efficiency better thus saving on electricity bills
If you live in Europe may be true because in Europe already use active PFC is where the calculation to use your electricity bill the VA. While in Indonesia has not adopted the PFC and the calculation is using KWH or KW / hour. But for efficiency Active PFC arguably better because it uses a separate component in regulating the charge induction.

4.PSU that can lift system is greater than its capacity rating means good
This is likely to be straightened. For example flare occurred which watt PSU test on its small 400-450W can lift system core 2 quad high range with a high-end VGA as well. The test came back showing the PSU was still able mengahandle and railnya stable. But keep in mind that the PSU is not measured by whether or not capable of powered PC menhandle but also assessed from durabilitynya. How old PSU to survive. Do not until you buy a small watt PSU for your high-end systems because of the use of relatively old PSU will be damaged or decreased its ability of being forced to work at the PEAK power continuously. Source
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Prolimatech Genesis

Prolimatech, who became well known for their high performance Megahalems air-cooler, are attempting to evoke some of that magic with their latest creation, known simply as Genesis. This new CPU cooler is intended to address a key weakness of heatsinks that use the tower design, by providing down draft over the motherboard for cooling critical system components...

Already it has been over 2 years since we were first impressed by the Prolimatech Megahalems as it brushed aside the competition. It is amazing to think in that time Prolimatech was born and has already become a household name amongst overclockers. Roughly 6 months after the release of the Megahalems, Prolimatech attempted to excite the market once again with a new product.

There are two series of fins that measure 11cm long, 14.6cm wide and 3.3cm thick. Whereas one of these series is mounted vertically via six heatpipes and measures 16cm in height from the base, the other is mounted horizontally. The six heatpipes connected to the horizontally mounted array of fins gives it a total height of 8.5cm from the base.

Now because this huge fin bank measures 11cm long by 14.6cm wide, it means that the Genesis actually takes up 20.5cm by 14.6cm of motherboard space once installed, which is a significant amount. Ultimately what this means is that the Genesis will cover all the DIMM slots on a motherboard and as such needs to clear the memory modules.

Prolimatech does not supply fans with the Genesis, rather they leave the choice of fans up to the user which is probably a wise move given the number of options available. Without the fans installed the Genesis does weigh in at a hefty 800 grams, though this has become somewhat standard for heatsinks that stand 16cm tall.

The Genesis has been designed to suit Intel LGA 775/1366/1156/1155 platforms as well as the AMD AM2+ and AM3 platforms. Something we are pleased to have found is that Prolimatech is finally supplying AMD users with a mounting solution right out of the box without having to purchase additional components. Previously AMD users have had to shell out an additional $9 US for the AM2+/AM3 mounting system.

The Megahalems for example shipped with an MSRP of $60 US, though it has been tough finding samples at this price, most online retailers have been asking more like $70 US. While the Super Mega has been fetching $85 US, the Armageddon has also been retailing for $70 US.

So at $80 US the Genesis is their most expensive cooler yet. That said, AMD users might not think so, as they save almost $10 US by avoiding the need to purchase the required mounting kit. Of course they must still purchase fans, and a pair of 140mm fans will cost at least $30 US extra.

Therefore, while the Genesis might provide a high level of CPU cooling performance while also cooling other system components, users are going to pay a price premium for it. Besides the price premium, the only other potential problem we see with the Genesis is compatibility.

Finally, for those looking for the ultimate air-cooler that not only provides excellent CPU cooling performance but also ensures that the motherboard and surrounding components receive adequate cooling, the Genesis has to be it.

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Sony Tablets With PlayStation Flavor

In case you haven't noticed, this is definitely going to be the year that tablets explode onto the market. Just announced as entering the fray is Sony, with not just one but two tablets based off of Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Sony is developing two tablets codenamed S1, which is optimized for rich media entertainment, and S2, which is ideal for mobile communication and entertainment. Sony said that its tablets will become available in the global market starting in fall 2011.

S1 has a 9.4-inch display and has an asymmetric wedge design, which Sony calls an "off-center of gravity design" that "realizes stability and ease of grip as well as a sense of stability and lightness, offering comfortable use for hours."

The more unique S2 has two 5.5-inch displays that can be folded like a Nintendo DS. The two screens can be used together to display continuous content, or it can be used for multitasking – such as watching a video while browsing the web. The bottom screen can also function as a keyboard while the top screen is used for messaging.


Sony's also injecting some of its PlayStation services into these tablets. The tablets will support Qriosity media service as well as the PlayStation Suite for users to download and play first generation PlayStation titles. Additionally, users can easily download ebook content from Reader Store and use both tablets as digital reading devices.

Sony has yet to set pricing for these two products, but rumors place the S1 at $599 and the S2 at $699. At last I don't know the price if this Sony Tablet come to Indonesia.

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HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE Smartphone

The first thing to say about the HTC Thunderbolt is that it’s gigantic. It’s big simply by virtue of having two transceivers inside, and four antennas. The fact that it’s huge isn’t a bad thing, rather it seems like a smartphone that unblinkingly stares back at legions of notably more superficial smartphones all battling over who is the thinnest (seriously, during CES and MWC several device categories changed thinness crowns in the span of just a few days). It’s almost as if the HTC designers laughed at the trend and boldly designed something different.

It’s a phone packed with latest and greatest cellular connectivity that actually does a very good job at disguising the number of design challenges doing so poses. LTE is easily an order of magnitude faster than EVDO, and if you're as obsessed with cellular network throughput as I am, the added thickness and reduced battery life are absolutely worth it.

There’s no getting around issues such as battery life and the fact that though the Thunderbolt is the current latest and greatest, it still lacks dual core and a qHD screen. Those two features are going to be must-have in the next set of refreshes from HTC, and as a result makes the Thunderbolt almost feel a bit delayed. Battery life can be doubled by using the double capacity official battery, but again at the expense of adding more mass and thickness to an already beefy handset.

The Thunderbolt’s cellular architecture is impressive, and its status as the first smartphone on Verizon (or CDMA2000 to the best of my knowledge) that can offer simultaneous voice and data in both 3G and 4G network conditions is a huge plus even if you aren’t in a 4G LTE market.

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Result of Searching

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How to Share Your Folder in Windows 7

I've tried to share folders on Windows 7, but often fail.
This time I try to share the experience got in who readers of this blog.

First, you must choose a folder to be shared on your network.
Right Click on folder, Choose Properties on click Sharing Tab, Click Share botton in column [Network File and Folder Sharing].

Click Share button. Wait a moment for process and the last thing is Click Close.
And your folder have been share.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Maybe this video will help you.

Source Pic
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Razer Onza Tournament Edition Gaming Controller

The Razer Onze TE (Tournament Edition) Gaming Controller was probably THE gaming peripheral people were drooling at. This Xbox 360 controller offers a whole bunch of customizable features, including adjustable resistance on both analog keys. Set it right, and gaming on the controller could feel a whole load more different.

There’s also two fully programmable Multi-function Buttons, situated right above the trigger buttons of the controller, which you can easily map to whichever action buttons. The D-Pad has been improved, and the backlit action buttons are infused with Hyperesponse technology for that button actuation. The controller is fully PC-compatible too. The surface is non-slip rubber, for better grip, and Razer topped it off with a 15-foot braided fibre cable, which comes with a quick-releases USB connector. And as with Razer’s products, it looks sexy. Cool sexy. We want this hooked to our Xbox 360, pronto.

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