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Razer Onza Tournament Edition Gaming Controller

The Razer Onze TE (Tournament Edition) Gaming Controller was probably THE gaming peripheral people were drooling at. This Xbox 360 controller offers a whole bunch of customizable features, including adjustable resistance on both analog keys. Set it right, and gaming on the controller could feel a whole load more different.

There’s also two fully programmable Multi-function Buttons, situated right above the trigger buttons of the controller, which you can easily map to whichever action buttons. The D-Pad has been improved, and the backlit action buttons are infused with Hyperesponse technology for that button actuation. The controller is fully PC-compatible too. The surface is non-slip rubber, for better grip, and Razer topped it off with a 15-foot braided fibre cable, which comes with a quick-releases USB connector. And as with Razer’s products, it looks sexy. Cool sexy. We want this hooked to our Xbox 360, pronto.



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