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Avoiding Visual Rape

When you go into public toilets, hotel rooms, fitting rooms, restaurants, salons, spas, etc., most of you believe that the mirror that hangs on the wall looks like a regular mirror ... But really what it is really a mirror Ordinary, or the mirror 2 DIRECTIONS (the man behind the mirror that can see you, and you can not see them), like a mirror at the police station interrogation room that we often see in movies.

Many fraudulent cases in which people put a mirror 2 WAY in women's clothes in the locker room or in a ladies room, this sometimes caused rogue elements in there without the knowledge of the owner of the store / restaurant / hotel / salon / spa.

It is difficult to identify the surface just by looking at it. How to determine with certainty whether the mirror is a mirror or mirror 2 WAY ORDINARY ..?

DO SIMPLE TEST or TEST FINGER NAIL ... The trick, place the tip of your fingernail over the surface of the mirror:

- ► If NO distance (gap) between the nail and nail your shadow in the mirror ... could be said it is a mirror ORDINARY ... Safe!

- ► If NO distance (gap), which means that your nail polish directly touch your shadow in the mirror ... it is a mirror 2 WAY ... Leave the room!

This simple but effective way, you can save yourself, your daughter, your lady friend from the "visual rape".

Many women do not realize has become a victim, remember the case a few years ago a group of artists recorded their activities in a photo studio toilet.

Always Remember ... every time you see a mirror in a public place last ... FINGER NAIL do TEST ...!!!



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