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Wrong Things in choosing PSU

1.PSU that have great power is always better than a smaller power PSU
Not really, because the size of watts can not be used as a benchmark in choosing a PSU. Note also the ripple PSU that its useless to have a great but fluctuating volt very high. In fact it will damage other hardware components such as hard drives. also note that efficiency can be produced PSU continuesly.

2.Multiple Rail PSU is better
Under certain circumstances multiple Rail can actually make things worse. As explained previously that multiple rails are split rail into several parts. What matters if the rail that is used has a small amperage thus produced less wattage. Examples of such total +12 v 35A +12 V1 25A is divided into and +12 V2 10A +12 V2 rail if used for a VGA connector that requires more than 120W great power it will affect the performance of the VGA. So keep in mind how great rail or not produced enough to meet the needs of the component.

3.Active PFC Efficiency better thus saving on electricity bills
If you live in Europe may be true because in Europe already use active PFC is where the calculation to use your electricity bill the VA. While in Indonesia has not adopted the PFC and the calculation is using KWH or KW / hour. But for efficiency Active PFC arguably better because it uses a separate component in regulating the charge induction.

4.PSU that can lift system is greater than its capacity rating means good
This is likely to be straightened. For example flare occurred which watt PSU test on its small 400-450W can lift system core 2 quad high range with a high-end VGA as well. The test came back showing the PSU was still able mengahandle and railnya stable. But keep in mind that the PSU is not measured by whether or not capable of powered PC menhandle but also assessed from durabilitynya. How old PSU to survive. Do not until you buy a small watt PSU for your high-end systems because of the use of relatively old PSU will be damaged or decreased its ability of being forced to work at the PEAK power continuously. Source


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